Swedish Massage

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What is Swedish Massage?

Human Touch Massage Therapy’s Swedish Massage is a therapeutic approach to promoting relaxation using five basic strokes. Oil to used to produce a warming and gliding effect. Other techniques, such as moving the joints through a range of motion, are often applied.

How it works

The five basic strokes are:

  1. Effleurage – a long, smooth, gliding stroke applied with the palms of both hands, in the direction of the heart, which encourages the return of the blood from the veins.
  2. Petrissage – kneading, wringing and rolling tissue using the hands, the thumbs or the fingers, enhancing the fluid movement of the tissues and stretching muscle and fascia.
  3. Friction – deep circular or transverse movements with the pads of the thumbs designed to manipulate soft tissue so that one layer of soft tissue is moved over or against another
  4. Vibration – a continuous trembling or shaking movement delivered by the hands which can be either relaxing or stimulating, depending on the pressure used.
  5. Percussion – a rapid, staccato, striking motion done with hands or fingers, using varying amounts of force and differing hand positions. Designed to stimulate the body.

How Swedish Massage can help:

  • Massage induces the relaxation response by facilitating the release of endorphins- the “body’s natural opiates”, or painkillers, thereby reducing stress.
  • Stress reduction helps maintain good health by balancing and strengthening the nervous system.
  • Stress has been shown to impair the functioning of our immune system. Health experts believe that as much as 80% of all illness is stress induced, whether physical, mental or emotional.
  • Massage has been shown to improve blood and lymph circulation, which assists in more efficient removal of metabolic waste and improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissue cells.
  • Massage enhances muscle relaxation, which reduces hypertonicity and allows the muscle to work more effectively. Removal of wastes in muscle tissue through improved circulation helps to interrupt the “pain-tension cycle” and reduce muscle spasm.
  • Massage can improve range of motion (mobility of the joints) by warming and stimulating the synovial fluid in the joint capsules and lengthening the muscles which attach to the joints.

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