Lomilomi Massage

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What is Lomilomi Massage?

Experience deep relaxation with Lomilomi Massage. Better experienced than described, Lomilomi Massage’s rhythmic strokes transmit the soothing energy of ocean waves, the playful, invigorating Pacific winds and the caring and deep connection which is the foundation of this ancient tradition steeped in Aloha.

Lomilomi is a truly unique experience. It brings the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, and their profound culture, to a healing and relaxing experience.

How it works

  • Lomilomi massage has evolved from the beauty of the Islands, based on the reverence for all Life.  The foundation is Pono-right relationship, and respect for each ones’ own unique path to wholeness.
  • Traditionally, lomilomi meant “to knead, to rub, to sooth, to work in and out, as the paws of a contented cat” with the Touch of Aloha- love, caring and compassion.
  • Lomilomi uses prominently long, sweeping forearm movements integrating circles and figure eights, designed to invite surrender- to letting go of what is not needed in the moment- the observing, analyzing mind.
  • The pressure used can range from light to deep, suiting each individual’s needs. It also includes gentle stretching of the limbs, and more specific work to relax areas of greater tension.
  • The touch of lomilomi is integrated with the breath- called “Ha” in the Hawaiian language. Ha also means to exhale. Without breath, there is no life.
  • In lomilomi, proper breathing and uplifting thoughts-combining the heart and mind- are transmitted as “Mana”- energy and power- to the receiver through the touch and the breath.

Lomilomi is best experienced, rather than described.

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