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Dedicated to Facilitating Optimum Health through Listening, Educating and Providing Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

smile, it's good for youOne of the benefits of massage therapy that I most treasure is the opportunity to be still, and through receiving educated therapeutic touch, experience my bodymind in a new way, discovering places I’m holding tension or discomfort that I wasn’t aware of before. Bringing to consciousness is the first step in the process of initiating change and transformation; releasing old patterns that no longer serve me.

In my practice I strive to provide a beautiful and tranquil space in which this can happen. Your comfort is primary, and listening to you and discerning your specific needs is the beginning of a therapeutic session.

To support my service, I regularly take continuing education courses in my field, commit to regular self care and cultivate an open and inquiring mind. I endeavor to be open to the mysteries of life and respect individual choices and paths to wellness.

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Tuesday through Saturday 9 am - 7 pm

301 South Columbus Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
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