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National Capital Lyme Association(0)

On October 21, 2014, I attended a public panel presentation and discussion about Lyme created by this organization. I learned some especially exciting news:  two researchers, Lance Liotta, Md, and his colleague Alessandra Luchini, Ph.D.,  gave a brief description of a potentially more effective test for Lyme being developed and currently tested at GMU. The […]

Virginia passes law pertaining to Lyme Disease testing(0)

The Lyme Disease Testing Information Disclosure Act of 2013 -HB1933-  was signed into Virginia law in March 2013. The House and Senate passed this legislation with votes that “defied party and regional lines.” Over 8,200 messages were sent to Virginia Senators and Delegates in support of this legislation. This is the first law in the […]

What ARE Spirochetes?(0)

Chapter One of Stephen Harrod Buhner’s excellent, information packed book Healing Lyme is entitled Borrelia Burgdorferi: a Potent Emerging Disease.  How much do you know about this life form that is causing so much havoc? Here are some direct quotes from his book: “Lyme disease is caused by a particular kind of bacterium-a spirochete. Spirochetes […]

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